Iomega ix4-200d NFS Performance

After receiving the ix4-200d on Monday I quickly unboxed the unit and began setting it for initial testing. First off I must say, the actual setup of the unit was a breeze. Plugged the unit into my home network, received a DHCP address, then launched a web browser to run through the 3 step configuration wizard. After that it was just clicking through a couple of tabs and screens to hard code an IP address and enable NFS.

The testing I did on the unit was using a whitebox ESX 3.5 U4 (dual core 2.4Ghz Opteron, 4GB of RAM) host and using a “direct connect” 1GB crossover cable between the host and the ix4-200d. As posted on the VMware forums, I used IOmeter for the testing and the configuration file provided in the “Open unofficial storage performance thread” located HERE. Ok, enough with the typing, onto the results:



Avg MBps IOPS Avg IO Response Time Max IO Response Time

CPU Utilization

MaxThroughput 100% Read

86.81 2778.03 21.37 521.52 31.47
MaxThroughput 50% Read 63.37 2027.93 29.68 779.72 27.2
RealLife 60% Rand 65% Read .95 121.33 486.55 5890.4 16.19
Random 8K 70% Read .88 122.85 533.37 5908.72 13.96

After completing the tests I am pretty happy with the results of the device. In the next couple of days I am going to try to re-run the same tests but with Jumbo frames support enabled on both the ix4-200d and my ESX host.

More to come…

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