VMware Releases Seven New Patches For ESX 4.0

VMware relesed seven new patches on April 1st for ESX 4.0. Five of the seven are critical while the remaining two are security related.  Test and patch your environments accordingly. Below are the links to the relevant KB articles:

Patch ESX400-201003401-BG: Updates vmkernel64,vmx, hostd, and scripts (Critical)

Patch ESX400-201003402-BG: Updates hpsa driver (Critical)

Patch ESX400-201003404-BG: Updates lpfc820 driver (Critical)

Patch ESX400-201003406-BG: Updates megaraid-sas driver (Critical)

Patch ESX400-201003407-BG: Updates ehci-ehci-hcd driver (Critical)

Patch ESX400-201003403-SG: Updates acpid (Security)

Patch ESX400-201003405-SG: Updates samba-client and samba-common (Security)


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