VCAP-DCA Study Guide, Well @ Least 90% Of It

A few weeks back I had the opportunity of attending VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, my first one. Overall I had a fantastic experience, learned a lot of good information and met good people. During the week I was taking part in EMC’s vHunt scavenger hunt, they would post tasks to complete on twitter and as you completed them you sent back the results. During the competition I met Josh Coen (twitter/blog) and Martin Valencia (twitter/blog) and we began discussing VMware certifications and more specifically the VCAP-DCA.

I had just recently passed the exam and during my studies I had put together my own study guide. I mentioned to them I could send it off to them to assist them if they would like. I sent it off to them yesterday (a little behind schedule) and thought to myself, even though I know it is only about 90% complete I would share it with rest of the VMware community.

So, here it is in its all most completed glory.



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