New to Mac? Get some Apps!

As I have grown up on MS operating systems and based the early part of my professional career on them I have never really given much thought on using or purchasing a Mac powered laptop or desktop. That all changed last weekend when I picked myself up a 13 inch MacBook Air. You might wonder why the switch now? That is easy, the form factor. For me the lightweight and razor thin MBA is the nirvana of portable computing.

Once I got the device home, unboxed it, loaded up Google Chrome I thought what is next? So I reached out on Twitter and asked “What are the apps to get”. In a few short minutes I received replies from Matt Cowger (blog/twitter) and Andrew Miller (blog/twitter) letting me know they would send some lists over via email.

Since then I have received a few messages from folks wanting a copy of what Andrew and Matt provided me, so listed below is a combined list of each of there emails. Hopefully you will find them as helpful as I did.

Browser and Multimedia

Google Chrome – Web browser
Google Notifier – Access to your gmail and gcal from your menu bar
GrowlVoice – For Google Voice in menu bar
Adium – Multiprotocol IM client
VLC – Media player that plays must multimedia file types
PandaBar – Play Pandora from your menu bar
Echofon – Twitter client
Handbrake – Open-source video transcorder
Amazon Kindle App – Access your Amazon Kindle library
Netnewswire – RSS reader/weblog publisher
msgfiler – Keyboard based email filing application
ScreenFlow – Video capture software
Perian (codecs for Mac, lets Quicktime play anything)
Perian – Adds additional video formats to Quicktime
Flip4Mac – Play Windows WMV files in Quicktime


Alfred – Application popup launcher
iTerm 2 – Mac OS Terminal replacement
The Unarchiver – Decompression tool
CrashPlan – System state  backups (free) or online backups (not free)
RazorSQL – SQL client
CyberDuck – FTP/SFTP client
Remoter – VNX+RDP client
Viscosity – OpenVPN client
CoRD – RDP client
Transmit – File transfer client on Mac (SCP, SFTP, FTP, S3)
TextMate – Text editor
TextWrangler – Text editor
Fusion 4 – Run a Windows machine on your Mac

System Tools

iStats Menu – Places CPU, Memory, Network, etc usage into menu bar
SmartReporter – Helps warn of hard drive disk failures
Unplugged – Power notification
SmartSleep – Lets you toggle the sleep modes
Dockstar – Gives multiple mail notification badges
TinkerTool – Access to additional preference settings


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