Here I go again….

I am very excited and a little embarrassed to be putting up this post. As some of you may know or have read here at the beginning of the year I started a new position at Hitachi Data Systems as an “Infrastructure Engineer”. After being there for a short time I was promoted to a “Technical Architect” position. With the switch in roles I was getting deeper knowledge and hands on with the HDS flagship array, VSP aka Virtual Storage Platform, as well as Brocade VDX FC switches.


Now comes the embarrassing part for me, after only being at HDS for seven months this coming Friday will be last day. For me this was something I wasn’t expecting and especially after being employed for such a short period of time. The change comes about as even though I am working on some great technologies and with some extremely smart and fun people I wasn’t getting the deeper knowledge of VMware products (View, SRM, vCSHB,etc) that I am looking for. I view (no pun intended) VMware as the hub I am focused and passionate about and things like storage, networking, etc as spokes coming off that hub.

GCSITNow the exciting part, come August I will be starting a position at GCSIT as a Senior Enterprise Engineer!  GCSIT carries with it several awards from both Dell and VMware for its partner status and I couldn’t be more happy about landing there. As a member of the GCSIT team I will be working with clients in a pre-sales, design, and implementation capacity. With this role I will be working on solutions from VMware, Dell, Brocade, and several other of GCSIT partners.

Finally, I would like to call out and thank Tim Antonowicz (blog/twitter) for taking a phone call from a guy he only knew (originally) from the Twitterverse. Tim took the time to talk and answer any and all questions I had about making the switch from the customer side to the consultant side. It was very helpful and thank you Tim.

Now to prep for drinking from the vendor fire hose.


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