Stumping for Votes, Top VMware Virtualization Blogs

PrintEach year Eric Siebert over at holds his “Top Blogger” contest and this year I am “Stumping for your vote!” Last year I missed out on the submission to be included but won’t be missing it this year. If you are reader of my blog more then likely you have come across it in your studies for VMware certifications (VCP, VCAP-DCA, etc) and I hope you have found the content helpful in your studies and thank you for reading. I would appreciate if you took a few moments to visit Eric’s site  and submit a vote for my blog.

Though the majority of my posts are centered around VMware blue print exam objectives, I have listed below the top 5 posts over the last year that are not exam objective related:

Looking forward to 2013 and be sure to click HERE to cast your votes!


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