VMware VCAP Studying with Trainsignal


Last week I received an email from someone who recently passed their VMware VCP 5 exam (congratulations again Justin!)  leveraging the study guide that myself and Josh Coen have put together (located HERE). Justin also let me know that his next goal was to begin prepping for and passing the VMware VCAP-DCA 5 exam and was interested in study materials. As many other have said and posted on blogs, the single most important resource is hands on lab time in a vSphere environment. In addition to mentioning the lab time I provided the standard list of reading materials from Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, and Scott Lowe.

In addition to those resources I suggested  that Justin take a look at the training materials offered by the great folks at Trainsignal. For those who follow me on Twitter or have spoken with me know that I am huge fan of Trainsignal and the products they produce. I personally own eleven of their videos and have used them to pass all six of my VCP and VCAP exams and am currently using their VMware View training in my studies for the VMware VCP5-DT exam. Not only did I mention Trainsignal based on the quality of their videos leveraging VMware experts like David Davis, Jason Nash, Scott Lowe and others, but for the newly announced monthly subscription model they are offering. Not only can you get access to all the excellent VMware materials for $49.00 a month, but their complete training video catalog. For more information on subscribing or trying a three day trial have a look HERE.

Ok, with all that said, what videos can be used to study for both your VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD exams, have a look:

Don’t take my word for it though, signup for the three day trial and see how these videos can help with your certification goals.

Happy Studying!


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