Book Review–Implementing VMware Horizon View 5.2


Over the last few months I have read several published books on deploying VMware’s View 5.x product. While I can say I have enjoyed each of them, some stand out over the others. Jason Ventresco’s (Twitter) “Implementing VMware Horizon View 5.2, A practical guide to designing, implementing, and administrating a Horizon View 5.2 environment” is one that stands above all others. From the opening chapter Jason lays the foundation of the core components of VMware Horizon View and the design/sizing considerations and requirements needed to implement your environment. From there the subsequent chapters take you into a deeper dive of VMware Horizon View infrastructure components and walks you through installing and configuring each of them.

Whether you are interested in implementing your own Horizon View environment or studying for your VMware Certified Professional Desktop exam (VCP5-DT) you will find the information Jason provides extremely helpful and a cut above the other books available.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Designing a VMware Horizon View Infrastructure
  • Chapter 2 – Implementing VMware Horizon View Connection Server
  • Chapter 3 – Implementing VMware Horizon View Composer
  • Chapter 4 – Implementing VMware Horizon View Transfer Server
  • Chapter 5 – Implementing VMware Horizon View Security Server
  • Chapter 6 – Using VMware ThinApp
  • Chapter 7 – Implementing View Person Management
  • Chapter 8 – Creating VMware Horizon View Desktop Pools
  • Chapter 9 – VMware Horizon View Client Options
  • Chapter 10 – Performing View Desktop Maintenance
  • Chapter 11 – Creating a Master Virtual Desktop Image
  • Chapter 12 – Managing View SSL Certificates
  • Chapter 13 – Implementing VMware Horizon View Group Policies


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