VCP5-DT Objective 3.3–Configure Manual Pools

Objective 3.3 – Configure Manual Pools

For this objective I used the following resources:

  • VMware View Administration documentation

This will be a quick and easy objective. There are only a few screens that differeniate creating a Manual Pool over an Automated Pool. The key thing to remember is while and Automated Pool can leverage both VMware View Composer and vCenter Virtual Machines, a Manual Pool is used with either vCenter Virtual Machines or a physical desktop/blade PC with the View Agent installed. View Composer IS NOT supported with Manual Pools


Identify Pool Settings

Section was covered previously in Objective 3.1 – Configure Automated Pools Using Linked Clones

Identify Desktop Sources

The pool creation process for a Manual Pool is pretty much the same as an Automated Pool, however there are a few different screens as you go through the pool creation process. I have highlighted the different screens below.

Step 1 – Pool type selection screen. Select the Manual Pool option and notice in the Supported Features section of the window how View Composer is not an option and Physical Computers, Blade PCs is:


Step 2 – For user assignment choose either Dedicated or Floating. If you plan on leveraging Local Mode in your environment you will need to choose the Dedicated assignment:


Step 3 – From the Desktop Source choose whether the desktops will be provided by vCenter Virtual Machines or Other Sources.Again when choosing between the desktop source type pay attention the features that are or are not available depending on your choice:



Step 4 – For this example I have chosen to use vCenter Virtual Machines in Step 3. I have selected the vCenter for my Horizon View environment, vc02.home.local:


Step 5 – Select the virtual machines to you wish to add to the pool:


Happy Studying!


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