New Book–Troubleshooting vSphere Storage

TS_vSphere_StorageA quick Friday post announcing the latest book from Packt Publishing, Troubleshooting vSphere Storage by VMware vExpert Mike Preston (blog / twitter). I am happy to say that not only is Mike a friend of mine, but I was allowed the opportunity to be a technical reviewer of the great content Mike has put together. The book covers a lot of detail in an a quick and easy consumable manner and covers a lot of ground in its 100 or so pages.

Here is an overview of the items covered in the book:

  •  Understand where to look when storage is suddenly not available
  • Use esxtop to monitor and discover pain points in your infrastructure
  • Diagnose and resolve SCSI reservations and queuing issues
  • Design storage properly based on workloads
  • Monitor and alert on your thinly provisioned disks and data store capacity
  • Utilize Storage DRS to proactively balance your capacity and workload on your data stores
  • Maintain compliance in terms of placement with Profile Driven Storage
  • Grant VMs the performance they need with Storage I/O Control
  • Decipher storage-related error entries in the vSphere logfiles

The book is scheduled to be released this month both in book and eBook formats so be sure to check it out!


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