New Stop on the Journey

keep-calm-and-good-luck-on-your-new-jobWhile it seems these types of blog posts come out closer to the beginning of a new year, I appear to be a little fashionably late. And what type of post am I referencing, it is the “Hey, I got a new gig” blog post. Like those others before me in the last couple of months, I am happy to announce that I have moved onto a new opportunity as well. Starting this week I will be working as a Solutions Architect at Denali Advanced Integrations here in Washington. This role is going to allow for a deeper focus on VMware’s suite of products in both a pre and post-sales role. While the decision to make an employment change is never an easy one (and this was no exception as I am leaving a great family at GCSIT),  the move to Denali is going to provide additional growth, challenges, and opportunities that I could not turn away from.

Wish me luck!


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